Hi! I’m Katie!

I love the warm sun on my face!
I love my daughter’s giggles!
I love hugs – giving and receiving!

I must have coffee in the morning!
I must check every lock in the house before bedtime even though my husband just did it!
I must fold my towels in thirds!

I’m a redhead who loves the summer but also loves sunscreen!
I’m a woman who thinks she will always be 21 years old!
I’m a lover of all creatures great and small!

I believe in miracles, spirits and true love!
I believe that every thing has a purpose and every season has a reason!
I believe in deep breaths and not sweating the small stuff!

I wish that life could be slower and am thankful for my blessings!
I wish chocolate was a food group!
And I wish you and yours all of the love and happiness now and forever!